Globalink Manufacturing Solutions is a long time provider of quality soft goods.  We manufacture soft goods for a number of applications utilizing a wide variety of materials and methods.  We are particularly skilled and experienced in sewing fabrics, foams and plastics.   We can work with almost any material to develop most any product.

If you are looking to manufacture a stand alone product or an accessory to another product such as a cover, bag, or carrying case,  we can help.  We can design, develop, and manufacture your product or just manufacture from your design or prototype.  Whatever the case, Globalink Manufacturing Solutions can provide you with a wide array of capabilities to meet your Soft Good production goals.  We will deliver the results you need and expect, at a price that will enhance your bottom line.

If you are looking for an offshore manufacture that you can trust to provide risk free  quality and affordability look no further.  Let Globalink be your manufacturing partner.  Call us today!

Soft Goods