At Globalink Manufacturing Solutions, we know that a successful project depends on successful project management.  This includes effective scheduling of the workflow, proper communication (both internally and externally), and appropriate manufacturing procedures, controls, and quality processes.

Globalink Manufacturing Solutions offers a complete and efficient project management system for your project.

We appoint internal Project Managers to oversee each individual project and client. The Project Manager is responsible for the entire project from start to finish and provides a direct line of communication for the client. All project teams communicate in English and include qualified engineers.

Additionally, your offshore project is overseen by a member of our International Project Management Team located in Asia.


Acting as the first line of communication, your project manager will facilitate:


  • Project fact finding to properly understand the full scope and detail of your project.
  • Developing an internal team to work on the project
  • Develop timelines with milestones as needed
  • All communications to all internal team members and external client team members to ensure that there are essentially no problems or misunderstandings throughout the progression of your manufacturing project.


Your Globalink Manufacturing Solutions Project Manager  is always available to assist with any aspect of your manufacturing project at any time.  Call Globalink today to get started on your project!

Project Management