Globalink Manufacturing Solutions offers high quality plastic injection molding services at competitive rates.  We develop and produce a wide variety of plastic injection molded parts that range from basic to high precision in both low and high volume quantities.  We pride ourselves on having the capabilities needed to produce difficult to make parts in Asia.  We have better than 25 years of experience to  ensure your projects success.

Plastic Injection Insert Molding and Over Molding

Some projects lend themselves to insert molding, during which the plastic is molded around a metal or plastic part that has been placed in the mold prior to the start of the injection molding process. Insert molding is accomplished in both vertical and horizontal press configurations.

Globalink Manufacturing Solutions offers the highly specialized process of over molding. Over molding takes one plastic component and then molds another plastic housing around it. Over molding often eliminates assembly operations by combining parts in the actual injection molding process.

Why outsource your plastic injection molding needs with Globalink Manufacturing Solutions

Having a vast range of 18-2,000 ton machines available, Globalink Manufacturing Solutions can handle everything from simple, single-cavity molds to complex multi- cavity tooling that requires state-of-the-art equipment, processes and capabilities. No job is too simple; no project too complex.

Our experienced global team at Globalink Manufacturing Solutions should be your choice for offshore plastic injection molding. From design and development through to manufacturing, secondary finishing, assembly and delivery, we get the job done without the typical offshore risks and hassles.

Contact us today for more information about how we can assist you with custom plastic injection molding, insert molding, over molding, ultrasonic plastic welding, pad printing, screen printing and plastic part assembly. We truly offer a complete package of experience and creativity for your plastic injection molding needs.

Plastic Injection Molding