In 2012 Globalink Manufacturing Solutions, an offshore contract manufacturing company headquartered in Naples Florida was contacted by Brenda Grimes, CEO of BonNosh to manufacture the Oodle Tip  and update the design of the tip & bag.  Globalink’s 25 years of experience in product engineering and manufacturing, their strong partnerships with offshore factories, their logistics expertise, and their commitment to customer service make Globalink Manufacturing Solutions an ideal choice for the project.

The Oodle Tip design update was engineered in- house at Globalink Manufacturing Solutions Naples headquarters. Utilizing state of the art Plastic Injection Molding capabilities. Globalink created a high quality mold to produce the patented plastic tips.  Globalink utilized their welding skills to attach the Globalink manufactured tip & bag.  Once assembled, the Oodle Tip, Little Oodle Doodle, and Commercial Oodle Tip were packaged in Globalink manufactured retail boxes and commercial bags.  They were then readied for shipment to the U.S, Europe, and other parts of the world.  The availability of efficient machinery, abundant manufacturing space, quality material, and an experienced labor pool to draw from allowed Globalink to create a high volume of product in a relatively short period of time.

Globalink Manufacturing Solutions is the ideal choice for offshore custom contract manufacturing.  Globalink’s dedication to producing the highest quality product at extremely competitive rates provides clientele a unique manufacturing experience not normally associated with traditional offshore manufacturing.

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