Risk Free. High Quality. Cost Effective. U.S. & Offshore Contract Manufacturing

“We are dedicated to helping those seeking quality offshore manufacturing. Our goal is to minimize the risk, time commitment and resource allocation associated with offshore manufacturing for our clients. We will meet customer expectations by delivering high quality products and services. We view ourselves as an extension of our clients business and an asset to our community.”

Are you are considering taking all or a portion of your project offshore?  Let the offshore experts at Globalink Manufacturing Solutions do the heavy lifting for you.  Offshore manufacturing can provide you with a high quality product or product component at a competitive price, which can improve your bottom line.  This outcome is highly desirable, but the process to achieve it is not easy and there are many obstacles to overcome.

Globalink Manufacturing Solutions can help. We are a U.S. custom contract manufacturing company headquartered in Naples Florida.  We have been in the offshore manufacturing business for many years and have developed the partnerships, relationships, and expertise needed to be a high quality, cost effective offshore manufacturer.  Our unique business model allows us to eliminate headaches commonly associated with offshore manufacturing such as the language barrier, time zone related late night phone calls, shipping concerns, sustained quality, consistent supply, and financial concerns.  We take care of it all, and when you partner with Globalink, you deal with us as you would any other domestic company.  In addition,  we offer assembly services at our U.S facility for clients wishing to have a portion of their manufacturing project completed here in the U.S.

We want to be your manufacturing partner.  We promise integrity, sustained quality, consistency, and value.  We believe in serving our client partners to the best of our abilities.  We welcome challenges.  Do not hesitate to give us a call so we can get started on your project right away!

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