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As a full service contract manufacturer, we take pride in providing fast, precise manufacturing solutions to those we serve.

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Our clients typically see a cost reduction of over 35% when working with Globaink to manufacture OEM and custom HEPA filters.

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We take pride in exceeding the filter manufacturing expectations of our clients while producing some of the finest filters available in today's market.

Custom Low Cost HEPA Filters For

Original Equipment Manufacturers

As a custom contract manufacturer, we can serve a myriad of industries requiring both OEM and custom filter sizes for various equipment and applications. Some of which include:
  • Aerospace
  • Infection & Surgical Suites
  • Mobile Equipment
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • Air Purification
  • Biological Equipment
  • Ventilation Equipment

Filter Benefits

HEPA Filters VS. Standard Filters

A common misconception is that HEPA filters work like standard air filters. Standard air filters work like a sieve capturing particulate in the depth of the filter media. Essentially, non-woven fibers create a tortuous passage to airflow. Particles larger in size than the holes in standard non-woven filter media’s are captured in the depth of the filter media and stored. This is not how HEPA filters work.

HEPA filters capture particles through three interrelated processes:

  1. The first is interception. This occurs when a particle is following the flow of the air and comes within very close range of a fiber. The particle then sticks to the fiber.
  2. The second is impaction. This occurs when larger particles hit the fibers directly, embedding into them.
  3. The final is diffusion. As the smallest particles flow through the filter, they can collide with gas molecules. When this happens, the particles slow down or stop, which increases the chance the filter will capture them via interception or impaction.
While HEPA filters are excellent filtration systems for capturing and removing sub-micron particles from the air, they do not capture odors, gases or VOC’s. Capturing these elements requires the use of GAC (granular activated carbon) and other additives.

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