Globalink Manufacturing Solutions offers Laser Welding Services for many different applications and materials.

Laser welding is a commercial process used to weld a wide range of materials. The laser beam is focused toward a seam or area which causes the materials to change from solid to liquid and, as the laser energy is removed, back to solid. Laser welding is a type of fusion welding which may be used to produce selective area spot welds or linear continuous seam welds.

Laser Welding Advantages:

  • Joint geometry is simple
  • Process is vibration-free
  • No tooling wear
  • Ability to achieve hermetic seals
  • Weld joint area is optically perfect
  • High-precision process
  • No particulate generation

If your project includes the need for our Laser Welding services as part of the manufacturing or assembly process we can help.  We are skilled, experienced, and dedicated to quality.  Let Globalink be your offshore provider of Laser Welding services.  Call us today!

Laser Welding Services