Our Laser Cutting services are available for clients who are looking for a level of accuracy and complexity that is not possible to achieve with conventional machining tools.

During the Laser cutting process a gaseous medium (commonly carbon dioxide) is excited which causes it to amplify light reflected back and forth multiple times within the laser chamber. The light emerges from an aperture and is focused by a lens onto a specific point creating a 1/5 of a millimeter wide laser beam with 1000 to 2000 watts of energy that is capable of melting most common materials. Lasers lose energy and focus as they penetrate material so there is a limit to how deep a material can be cut.

Our Laser Cutting systems are capable of sample production, prototype development, and production operations. We work with all types of materials including metal, plastic, wood, and others to give you the result you are looking for in a Laser cut part or component.

If you are looking for a quality offshore manufacturer with well developed Laser Cutting capability and experience call Globalink Manufacturing Solutions today!

Laser Cutting