Design. Development. Turn Key Production

Globalink Manufacturing Solutions partnered with a highly regarded physician to design and develop a revolutionary medical devices used to increase patient comfort, and stabilization during in office lithotomy exams and procedures.

Project Overview

With a product prototype created and independently tested, our client was confident that this device and its many benefits would suit the needs of patients and physicians for years to come.

With high regard for Globalink’s strong quality management and thorough knowledge and implementation of ISO standards, our client confidently selected Globalink to refine their product design, and manufacture a turn key product to be distributed to his customers.

Form Meets Function

After many consultations and design reviews with our client, a final design was developed and confirmed. We then produced a professional prototype for our client so that they could confirm the design’s fit, function, and cosmetic appeal. We received a size-able opening order for the product, which required the construction of a large plastic injection tool to mass produce the stirrup. Globalink also created die cutting and stamping tools in order to manufacturer additional components of the product. Once tooling was complete, first article samples representative of production were sent and approved by the client.

Shortly following product approval, full manufacturing commenced and a shipping schedule was created. As product arrived at our facility, it was inspected and made available to the client. Our client initially chose to utilize our warehousing facilities to store [product and take as needed until a fulfillment company could be identified that properly suited their needs.

Success Manufacturing Offshore

Our client and his company have been successful with their product as it satisfies an unmet need that existed in the medical community. They continue to aggressively market and sell their product throughout the country. In addition, they have new ideas and designs they would like to explore with Globalink in the future. Our relationship with this client has been enjoyable, mutually beneficial, and rewarding.

Globalink Manufacturing Solutions looks forward to continuously servicing the manufacturing needs of our client for years to come.

G Stirrup Case Study