Serving The Numerous Manufacturing Needs Of A Long-Term, Valued Client

An extremely valued long-term client in the Dental Equipment space asked us to help them Design & Develop a new plastic pressure vessel for their mobile micro abrasive blasting system.  The objective was to create a vessel that was robust, safe, and cost effective.

Our team worked closely with our client’s team to ensure that all requirements of the project were clearly understood.  When the final design was approved by our client a successful FMEA was performed to verify the design. Tooling was built and first article samples were produced.  The first article samples were fully tested to ensure that they met all design requirements and capabilities before being sent to the client for their testing & final approval.  We are now in full production and the vessel is being used in all mobile micro abrasive blasting systems produced by our client.

Our work with this client extends well beyond the pressure vessel.  We also supply numerous low to high volume plastic, rubber, and fabricated parts that we manufacture to the exact design specifications of client provided drawings.  Many of the fabricated parts require secondary operations such as powder coating or welding.  We also source several existing parts for this client.

Fabricated Parts For A Long-Term Client