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Our team recently had the pleasure of serving the custom filter manufacturing needs of a wonderful client.

HEPA Filter Manufacturing

An industrial equipment manufacturer contacted Globalink to ask for help securing a custom HEPA Filter after their current HEPA Filter supplier recently informed them that they would no longer be able to supply the company. The HEPA Filter is a critical component of their air purification equipment that scrubs the air of dust, chemicals, and biological hazards. Therefore, finding another supplier in the immediate future was paramount.

Our client knew that Globalink would be able to assist, and we did. Using client supplied specifications, we quickly developed a sample and provided it to our client for their review. Our client was incredibly pleased noting that the aesthetics and filtration ability of our HEPA Filter was a significant improvement over their previous filter. On top of that, we were able to supply the improved filter to our client at a fraction of their previous cost. Within weeks we were shipping high volume custom HEPA Filters to our client.

We have since developed and supplied other custom filters for this client. They continue to be impressed by our sense of urgency to their needs, our product quality, and our extremely competitive pricing. Our team looks forward to serving the filter needs of this company for years to come!

Custom HEPA Filter
Manufactured Filter By Globalink

Custom Filter Case Study