Globalink Manufacturing Solutions offers precision extrusions produced with automated extrusion machines and high quality certified material.   Our continuous automated machines create cost savings to products we manufacture for our clients.  These cost savings grow even larger when labor intensive secondary operations such as Drilling, Bending, Painting, Powder Coating, Cutting, and Machining are required. Additionally, the Extrusion process allows for lower cost tooling than other manufacturing methods to produce similar parts.

High quality Extruded products require a great understanding of product and component requirements. Globalink Manufacturing Solutions’ certified extruders are able to successfully extrude parts with thin walls, tight tolerances, and intricate profiles or configurations.  We can reduce fabrication operations or ease assembly to deliver creative and cost-effective solutions to even the most complex design challenges.

Our on-going dedication to expanding the characteristics and capabilities of the extrusion process has resulted in consistent and innovative design solutions for our customers. At Globalink Manufacturing Solutions, you will experience personalized service and quality extrusions that you expect.  Call us today!