At Globalink Manufacturing Solutions, we utilize many AC electric motors in our custom assembled products. Finding the correct OEM electric motor for a custom application almost always leads to a sacrifice of some sort.  We don’t want our clients to sacrifice.  That’s why we began manufacturing custom AC electric motors within our Xiamen facility.  It was a move we saw as necessary to support our clients and our custom contract manufacturing business.

This capability allows us to design, develop, and manufacture fully customized AC electric motors that suit the stringent requirements of our clients.   We have manufactured a variety of custom AC electric motors with special client demands such as  low level noise requirements,  special RPM requirements, special power requirements, and special size requirements.  These atypical features are simply not offered by OEM off-the-shelf electric AC motors.

Our custom AC electric motors are often necessary in product applications where the product or electric motor itself is required to be UL, ETL, CE, and ROHS certified.

If you do not find exactly what you are looking for in an OEM electric motor call us.  We are always ready to manufacture an AC motor that fits the requirements for your application.  Whether you already have an electric AC motor design or need us to custom create an AC electric motor for you from the start, we can help.   Remember, our quality products provide superior performance and dependability at a reasonable price.   Call us today!

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